Indian Sanitaryware and Ceramics are the most accepted products the word over for Bathroom Decorations. V. B. Narania and company is an Indian Manufacturer and supplier of sanitary ware and Ceramic Products. It is located at Thangadh in Gujarat, INDIA the Ceramic Capital of India. The company has been the manufacturer of Ceramic goods since last 40 years and has a long experience in the field. It is one of the leading exporters of Ceramics and sanitary ware products.

Mr. Virjeebhai Narania, the Founder and Chairman of the company started as a worker in the year 1944 in Parshuram Pottery Works. But, having an enterpreunerial enthusiasm, it was only six months within which he left the job and started trading in Cup -Caucers, with very little investment. The struggle was tough but the results were sweet as well.

Shree Prajapati Tiles (1952) was his first manufacturing effort. The factory produced Manglorian Roof Tiles. Since then the group has always seen growth of one kind or another. He started Jagdamba Vijay Carburendum Works in Thangadh in the year 1958. He always Focussed on quality and beleived that his success was due to the focus. He was known as 'QUALITY KING' in the ceramic industry in those days. In the year 1967 he started cup sourcer production through Vijay Ceramic Works. He was also instrumental as a aprtner in many other ceramic manufacturing units.

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He was involved in growth of brands like SHIVAJI, DOUBLE CHAKRA, PRAGATI

V. B. NARANIA & Co. was established in the year 1975. The Product was stoneware jars. The product is immensely popular in India as is used to store Pickles. The Jars enable self preservation of the pickle. In the year 1996 the company had the resources to diversify and utilise their skills and assets in a better way. The company started production of Sanitary ware.


Place V.B. Narania and co. in the brigade of the best ten producers of Ceramic Products in terms of Quality and Volumes.


Customers should be delighted not just satisfied, using the products of V.B. Narania & Co. Provide ample variety in Flower Pots, Gift Articles, and Sanitaryware to maintain the delight permanenetly.

The Employees of the company be given freedom to learn, grow and involve themselves in growth of the company. We grow as a family and not just as individuals.


  • Increase Production by 25% year on year Basis.
  • Move on to Value Added Products to keep our customers delighted.
  • Reduce Rejection and costs, by Quality initiatives.
  • Concentrate on Employee development and training.
  • Upgrade technology as and when there is an efficient technology available.


V.B.Narania & Co. is a closely knit company with a flat organizational structure. It is directed by the very experienced Mr. Virjeebhai Narania who has been in the Ceramic Arena since 1944. He is involved in Strategic decision making and directing the group to acheive the challenging vision.

MR. SURESH V. NARANIA has the responsibility to control production. With a variety of around 70 Sanitaryware Items, 60 Stoneware Items and Gift articles of a large range, he has the challenge to meet the market demands within the specified time and stringent quality needs. He looks to optimize the resource utilization and keeping the customers satisfied in quality and price both.

V. B. Narania


Suresh V. Narania


Arjun S. Narania